Stats 60/Psych 10: Introduction to Statistical Methods

Summer 2020

Time: MWF 3-4:20 PDT. Details about how to join the Zoom lecture are on Canvas. Lectures will be recorded and posted there, but we suggest you come in person as they will be interactive.

Instructor: Ismael Lemhadri. Office Hours: by appointment.

We use Piazza for all questions about the class material or logistics.

Office Hours: in the calendar. If OH times don’t work for you, or you need one-one help, please use Piazza or email your TA.

Teaching Assistants: Yu Wang ( - Yuchen Wu ( - Qian Zhao (

TA email Office Hours
Yu Wang (for help with HW1 and HW2) in calendar
Yuchen Wu (for help with R and the project) in calendar
Qian Zhao (for help with HW3, HW4 and the quizzes) in calendar

Contact: Questions about the class material or logistics go to Piazza. Questions that are either personal or specific to you (others in the class would not need the answer) can be directed by e-mail to the instructor. He will aim to respond as soon as possible.

The links at the top of the page give more information about the course.

There is an (unofficial, not monitored by the teaching staff) Slack workspace for this class.